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 I Will Not Take A Case unless I think I can help you..  

Call Me Now To Get You On The Right Path. 

(818) 355-0796

Psychic Readings $25.00

Tarot Card Readings $30.00

Soul mate Readings $35.00

Chakra Cleanings, Spell Casting $50 & Up

Spell list

Marriage Spells

Reuniting Love Spells​

Bring Back Lost

Love Spell

Passion Spell​

Love Binding Spell

Uniting Love Spells
Attraction Spell 

Email  returnslovers@gmail.com

Open 24 Hours 7 Days A Week

**Must Be 18 Years Of Age For These Services**

I'm a love spell specialist I have 45 years of experience in the art of spell-casting to reunite lovers by casting very powerful & unique love spells & cures for people all over the world. 

My Spells are created through white magic & positive thought. I can not just accept everyone's case, I must speak to every individual who contacts me to review their case details to determine which spell, cure, or ritual is going to be suitable for their own personal situation.

I do not use black magic witchcraft or go against anyone's will, I work through the power of holistic meditation, no harm will come upon anyone in regards to my spell casting techniques. 


After reviewing your case I will discuss with you in-depth how I can help you and give you guidance and direction on what is required to repair your situation, if it is revealed to me that your case is not something I can repair I will also inform you on why my services cannot be delivered to you. 

Psychic & Tarot Card Readings Specializing In Helping Reuniting Lovers